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Welcome to Charles Xavier Images! 

Thank you for visiting my website! It's my pleasure that you get to share in what I love to do & am passionate about. 

My name is Charles. My first & primary focus is quality. The kind of quality that persists & delivers to make sure you are 100% happy & satisfied with your photos and videos! I’ll work diligently as if my clients are family members that I’d hate to upset, but love to make proud.

 I offer a comfortable working environment that welcomes all backgrounds, faiths, lifestyles, & interests.

I am confident in my incredible range as a photographer because it isn’t limited to a certain type of photography or niche. I promise to deliver an outstanding experience that a cheaper, or even a more expensive, competitor may not be able to provide because my work is not solely based on the budget but based on the experience & priceless moment that you want to capture in a photo. I'm here for those moments. 

I'm your wedding photographer, your graduation photographer, your event & sports photographer. I'm going to be responsible for your next favorite photo. :)

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Tel: 972-861-2079


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